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Data is most reusable where data types are simple and easy to describe, and when the community is organized and collaborative.
— Quote from “FAIR in practice”

Our Data Types

Our data types are formed around the basic concept of a Digital Specimen, being a digital representation on the Internet of a physical object in a natural science collection.

Our most recent blog posts on technical design of the DiSSCo infrastructure

Get Involved in Ensuring Accessibility and Machine Actionability for Natural History Collections: FDO Profiles in DiSSCo

In the realm of biodiversity and geoscience research, the digitization of natural history collections has revolutionized the way we study and understand our planet’s rich biological and geological heritage. However, as the volume of digitization and other valuable data resources continues to grow, ensuring their long-term accessibility and interoperability becomes increasingly challenging. This is where…

Roundup of technical updates

Dear Readers, In this post, we share some of our recent updates. We have been super busy with various technical developments. Here are a few highlights: Upcoming conference presentations 📺 We will be at The Biodiversity Information Standard (TDWG) 2022! This year the annual conference will be a hybrid meeting, hosted in Sofia, Bulgaria. After…

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Our Technical Team

The members of our technical team are all different, with diverse backgrounds, skills, and expertise to bring to the design of DiSSCo.